We have been helping our friend and seatmate on the Augusta City Council, Cecil Munson, in his bid for re-election on Nov. 5. We urge other Augusta residents to vote for him, too.

The adage, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,” represents what Munson is about. He would rather work on solutions that challenge our city than to curse the problems that confront us. On every issue that has confronted us on the Council, Cecil has been part of the solution: redeveloping downtown Augusta, adding new jobs to our growing manufacturing base, providing our police and firefighters with modern equipment to do their jobs and protecting our residential neighborhoods.

Vote for Munson for councilor at-large on Nov. 5 because he is working for a better Augusta.

Patrick Paradis, Ward 3Jeffrey Bilodeau, At-LargeAugusta

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