On Tuesday, China taxpayers are being asked to vote to purchase The Cabins/Candlewood for $575,000, which is just the tip of the iceberg. What is submerged, the unknown future costs, is the major worry and monetary pitfall.

Financing $465,000 over 30 years, at a projected interest rate of 3.99 percent, will cost $798,228. Add $246,736 in lost tax revenue, and total costs could be more than $1 million, which includes the down payment of $110,000.

How is this facility going to be policed and supervised? The answer is, it isn’t. There are no acknowledged plans for any attendants to check permits to ensure the users of the facility are from China. The town constable has a full-time job elsewhere and works between 12 to 13 hours weekly in China. Our town manager has said waiting 30 to 45 minutes, or longer, for state police or sheriff’s response is not acceptable. I believe that, without paid attendants and a regular police presence, there will be future problems resulting from alcohol, drugs, pets and fireworks.

If China buys The Cabins, it becomes a municipally operated public beach with buildings and no business plan. A municipally owned facility must conform to the Americans With Disability Act codes.

The minutes from the China Lake Access Feasibility Committee’s Nov. 2, 2012 meeting read: “Dan distributed a report from…Ideal Electric outlining the electrical work would be necessary. The total costs of these repairs would be hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Other escalating costs would be handicap ramps, modified ADA restrooms, building remodeling or removal, engineered phosphorous runoff control plan, parking lot construction, etc.

Do not let this iceberg (money pit) overwhelm us with uncontrolled tax increases. On Tuesday, I urge others to join me in voting no on Question 1.

Scott AdamsChina

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