Yet another negative remark to Maine residents by our narcissistic governor. He always makes mention of his impoverished upbringing, big deal. He made something of himself; he was lucky.

Does he really believe that 47 percent of Maine residents just sit on their butts waiting for their monthly checks? I agree there are many who could work, but more who can’t. Where did the governor get his statistics? Did he go door to door and check or was he assuming?

If he had talked to the many Maine residents who receive benefits, he would’ve discovered the many working families who have no insurance because they must choose between heat or the monthly essentials such as toilet paper, laundry soap, etc. This family may receive food stamps to feed the children because their pay covers only the mortgage and utilities.

What about the once-active/healthy person who had an unforeseen mishap that changed their life forever, such as a stroke, brain aneurysm, car accident, nervous breakdown? They once contributed to society but no longer can. What about the single mom who wants to work but will lose her housing, food stamps, MaineCare? It is more beneficial for her to stay home.

How can someone contribute to society if they have physical or mental disabilities? I know some able-bodied citizens abuse the system, and they should be denounced.

How would we unmask these phonies? Maybe one approach would be to investigate anyone who signs up for food stamps, housing, MaineCare, etc. I’m sure the taxpayers would agree to have a one-time investigation of a potential recipient of Maine funds, to make sure that person met all the qualifications for these funds.

Bette Chesley-PhinneyNorridgewock

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