We were in New Jersey for a high school reunion recently. Naturally, lots of discussion from world affairs to politics to health issues ensued, typically followed by the great New Jersey utterance; “Eh — whadya gonna do? Tony Soprano often said this. “Eh” is kind of a gutteral grunt — very “Jersey.”

There isn’t much we can do about the continuous calamities we’re forced to deal with lately. Government gridlock, school shootings, pipeline construction — even the thought of winter for someone who shuns skiing is unnerving.

Brian Williams’ Nightly News “Making a Difference” segment offered an enticing idea that might be worth a whack. It wasn’t a new idea. Years ago, during holiday highway sojourns, I’d often pay the toll for the guy behind me. It was fun. Ask the wife. But then we got an EZ-Pass and that was that.

Williams’ reported that there’s a trend in Midwest fast food restaurants to “pay it backward” — picking up the tab for the car behind you. You don’t know who the person is. Democrat or Republican — no matter. And you don’t pull ahead and wait for a thank you. You just do it — randomly and impulsively.

There’s a new Dunkin’ Donuts nearby. I’m going to start there. I wish Bagelmania had a drive-thru. I don’t know why I’m doing this, or writing about it. I’m not this nice a guy. I don’t even go to church anymore. I do love animals, however.

I’m just weary of reading and hearing bad news. Watching credit card scams and old fogy ailment commercials on TV. So I’m askin’ myself; “Whadamy gonna do?” I’m gonna start by buyin’ somebody a cuppa caufee — maybe a doughnut. See where it goes.

Can’t hurt to try, eh?

Buddy DoyleGardiner

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