Our president is one of the most handsome and best speakers in history, but I believe he is as close to a dictator as we have ever had.

Obamacare was forced upon the people and is turning into a multi-trillion-dollar expense that will not improve the lives of ordinary people.

The president’s task force spent more than $300 million on a website that does not work and gave part of the work to the U.S. unit of a Canadian company. Outrageous. We could have gotten it done in the USA for way less. And it would have worked, but none of this was needed.

When we spend this large amount of money, 40 percent of it goes to China in interest alone.

The country’s deficit is at a record high and growing at a record pace; it should be alarming, but people let the government spend, spend, spend.

Who is benefiting? The insurance companies and the stock holders? The cronies of the president’s government?

Redistribution of wealth? People who paid 38 percent income tax in Maine now pay 44 percent; that’s 6 percent more. Then add onto it the higher state tax and all the other taxes that people pay, such as gas tax. But the top government people take no pay cuts, no benefits cuts.

We had a system that worked. It is unconstitutional to make everyone pay for health insurance.

Every vote counts; be aware of our future.

Peter RedmanAugusta

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