We the people are the government, and the Congress is stealing us blind. We were created equal, but members of Congress just happen to be a little more equal. In addition to the website cited by Stan Boynton’s letter of Oct. 26 (“Congress won’t go for easy fix of ‘entitlements'”), I offer an additional address for the cost of the Senate — just slightly under $1 billion: realitybloger.wordpress.com/2011/04/04.

I’ll also reiterate what Steve Croft said on “60 Minutes” of Oct. 20. Congress had passed a law making it illegal to use campaign funds for personal expenses. Now it’s come up with a fund name vaguely related to a campaign fund that members of Congress can convert to their own use without paying taxes on it.

Where does this fund get its money? From that individual’s leftover campaign funds. People should read and ruminate on all of this information and come to their own conclusions about whether we can afford to maintain the status quo in Congress.

I think not, but can 300 million people come to the same conclusion? Remember, none of this money is taxed.

Frederick DrewWest Gardiner

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