I am writing in regards to the social network, specifically Facebook. It was not set up to bully and degrade people to the whole world.

I see so much slander toward people it is unbelievable. Slander itself is stating a message that is untrue. People who do this do not understand — or care — that once bad things are posted family and friends see them and it can hurt people more then you can believe.

Yes, we can report these degrading posts, but really it does not stop the person from writing such nasty things. Yes, they get banned for 12 hours, and when that’s up they are at it again.

I believe Facebook was intended to bring us close and have fun with family and friends, not to put down women especially to the whole world. Facebook needs a better hand on what’s being posted, and the people post bad things should get some morals and value or stay off Facebook. They may be adults, but they still are bullies.

Debra Ann Castine, Waterville

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