Much speculation has surfaced lately about Congressman Mike Michaud and the fact that he has come out as a gay man.

There are many different views to this. A lot of people think that he is only now coming out because he believes that it will help him in his campaign. Other people, like me, simply believe that he is more comfortable with our generation at this time. The world is much more open to trying new things, and we are more welcoming to things that are “different” to us.

As the newspaper already stated in an editorial: “The candidate had more to gain by announcing his sexual orientation on his own terms.”

This just shows me he doesn’t care what people think about his sexuality, they should care more about the politics and what he wants to do for us as a whole state. Trivial things such as sexuality, race and religion should not matter to people as much as they do, especially in the generation we live in. Sure, it’s one thing if a person is pushing one of these qualities onto others. Otherwise, why should it matter?

I believe that Michaud had a neutral point to make, almost as to say, “I like men, what’s your point.” It should matter to people as much as if I came up to someone and said “Hi, I’m Brady and I’m a straight, white male.”

Should these facts really matter to someone so much? Not to me at least, I praise Michaud and any other person in the world who can be brave enough to speak up for themselves in front of a large number of people.

Brady AndrewsHallowell

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