In the health care debate, John Benziger (letter, “GOP’s health-care alternative: Don’t get sick,” Nov. 17) demonizes his perceived enemies to manufacture a rift between them and “the rest of us,” pushes disinformation and vilifies the very system that has made this country a world leader.

He paints corporate executives as evil because they make “outrageous” profits and demeans Republicans because their plan is “Don’t get sick.” And then he offers us a solution that would end corporate wealth and put those evil profiteers in their place. Of course, Benziger doesn’t mention that the financial success of those in his profession comes from the same system he now castigates. It seems he is focused more on punishing his foes than improving health care for those in need.

Numerous Republican proposals have been offered (all shot down by the majority party), but Benziger insists that they have not. He claims that the rest of the civilized world provides better care “at half the cost,” although there is no evidence to back that claim. The truth is that most Americans reject socialized medicine, but Benziger proclaims that it is “popular” with Americans, and that “most doctors” agree with it.

And, about his argument that everyone would be covered under a single-payer system, at no increased cost (the “free money” pitch): We would save money through paperwork reduction and by “making health-care affordable.” Seriously? He might as well argue, “It will work better because I say so.”

Honest debate about America’s health care system is important; there are problems that need correcting. Success will be achieved, however, only when those with opposing views seek common ground and work from there. Divisive rhetoric is a tactic for those who aim to win at any cost.

Clifford EarleWinslow

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