President Barack Obama has been trying to figure out a way to provide health care to those who need it but can’t afford it. He has been trying — literally for years — to help people get to a doctor and get treatment before they are so sick they end up in the emergency room, a nursing home or a funeral home.

With all the uproar and condemnation that he’s getting, however, you would think he was doing something horrible, something like invading a country with no provocation, causing the death and injury of thousands of Americans and countless thousands of Iraqis, and spending trillions of dollars on a needless war.

You’d think that he had inflamed and recruited fanatic Islamists, who are now intent on killing as many Americans and other innocent people as possible.

But, no, our president is just trying to figure out how to help needy and sick Americans. When then-Gov. Mitt Romney instituted a health-care program in Massachusetts, a program that is very similar to the Affordable Care Act, only 123 people signed up that first month. In fact, most who signed up that first year did so just before the individual mandate kicked in. Now, 99 percent of the people in Massachusetts have health insurance. I think that’s wonderful.

So, I have a little advice for Congress, the media and everyone else who is so eager to criticize, whine, complain and pile on the blame: Stuff it!

Terri Hibbard, Benton

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