Ah, Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday. It’s not integrally dependent upon Jesus, fireworks or candy.

The only downside is reaching into a frozen turkey to retrieve the stuff we give the dog.

Nobody stuffs a turkey anymore. Why call it “stuffing”?

I believe Jesus would love Thanksgiving. He’d be pleased at the notion of taking stock in what we are grateful for — with or without praying about it. Spending time with family to include graciously tolerating the occasionally annoying dinner guest.

I’m not much of a Catholic anymore, but I’m thankful for Pope Francis.

Thank heaven Thanksgiving doesn’t require elaborate fireworks displays. Accidental injuries and fires aside, on behalf of all animals — enough already with fireworks.

Halloween costumes are always fun. And I wish everyone a sweetheart like mine on Valentine’s Day. But don’t we get enough candy at home improvement check-out lines?

My grandsons will attest to my refusal to infuse pancakes with chocolate chips. Butterfingers now come in M, L, XL and XXL.

Thanksgiving turkey has tryptophan. Ditto bananas. An enzyme that makes you sleepy. Ever fall asleep after a big turkey dinner? Man, that’s napping!

We should all eat enough turkey to sleep through the absurdly bovine “Black Friday” rampages.

I write this on Veterans Day. No candy, no fireworks. Rather, respectfully reflecting upon, honoring and thanking those who served, and are serving our (struggling) country.

A shout out and another heartfelt thanks to those who volunteer to serve traditional turkey dinners throughout our nation and neighborhoods to the growing number of needy and less fortunate this holiday season.

Or bestowing gifts on otherwise giftless children.

Perhaps that’s where Jesus would be thankful — for these rare occasions when we endeavor to make small efforts to love one another.

Buddy Doyle Gardiner

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