Maranacook Community School just completed a spectacular run of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music.”

In this day of restricted budgets, community supporters and businesses rallied behind the show, which was nothing short of a professional production. Directed by Drew Albert, four out of five shows completely sold out. Students carried off numerous and elaborate set changes — all built by hand. Four community members, Julita Drowns, Danielle Farrell, Doris Schessler, and Annette Smith constructed many intricate costumes. Adam Scarpone seamlessly directed Maise Libby, Rosalea Kimball, Judy Mank, Patty English, Jason Giacomazzo, Chad Thorne and Nathaniel Kuhns with live orchestral accompaniment throughout all five, three-hour shows (two back-to-back performances on Saturday!).

The cast, too large to list all names here, was brilliantly and powerfully led by vocalist performers Kate Boyman, Nick Barnes, Quintin Diou Cass, Abigail Shea and Anne-Marie Ricker. All the students, from Maranacook Community middle and high schools, who were involved from set design to acting, outdid themselves with a riveting, highly enjoyable performance for all ages.

It is great to see such talent in our community; these kids will shine brightly wherever they go. There is no doubt this opportunity created memories of a lifetime, boosted self-esteem, established teamwork skills and provided stellar entertainment.

Bonnie Simcock, parentRSU 38 school board memberManchester

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