I wish to thank everyone who took part in our last election. I’d like to put on public record to our China elected officials and committee members to accentuate the public access we do have.

We have established a culture of closing off the causeway for China community days. This year after we close it off, we could limit access to favor boat launching, parking and emergency vehicles. Through traffic could use Village Street to the north.

Without any development of the site, greater parking could be used with little traffic concerns.

With wildlife viewing to the north, open water to the south and maybe an extra dock out in the lake, the causeway would be easy to watch from both sides.

As soon as the kids are back in school or on a chosen day, we could take down the wooden barricades blocking one lane and we’d have a town road again.

If indeed the Department of Environmental Protection is drawing down China Lake this fall, those with the aptitude to speak directly with officials there could encourage them to keep the level down next spring as well. That will expose the shoreline on the 1,800 feet of town property.

To aid access for the people at the south end of town, maybe Vassalboro, Windsor and China could team up with Augusta to have enough funds to keep the public access land off Route 3 to Three Corner Pond. Maybe then the place could stay open.

In addition to this simple idea, others should add their suggestions for greater lake access. Selling other town-owned lots to fund the purchase could be options. This year, we should take the time to enjoy our great outdoors, a playground for some and a livelihood for others.

Tim Basham China

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