OK, I said I was done sending in more letters, but now that I’m 83 years old, I’m allowed to change my mind. This one I just had to send in.

For weeks now, I’ve been sitting in my recliner sipping a drink or two and trying to avoid watching TV commercials (no luck on this). I did, however, pay attention to a few that I want to share. All these ask for donations to help these causes and many more.

• Help our Wounded Warriors for only $18 per month.

• Paralyzed Vets need our help, $18 per month

• Save Children’s Lives for only $19 per month and on and on.

Then I read where we send billions of dollars to foreign countries to help them out. These countries don’t want goods — goods that would create jobs in America — they want cash.

Whatever happened to taking care of our military personnel, seniors and all taxpaying citizens like they were promised? Did you notice where all the cuts are made? What a surprise.

Let me sneak in one more of my pet peeves. A few years ago, we were able to trace the mad cow disease right to the original cow, but we’re not able to find millions of illegal immigrants in this country? How’s that?

Don BelangerWaterville

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