I would like to have $75 to buy a free-range fresh turkey. I also would like to have $82 to buy the insulin I need to stay alive for three more weeks.

I have tried all state and government offices that help people with co-payments, but my income is several hundred dollars above the cut-off to receive help. I am also in the “donut” hole. People who do not know what that is, should look it up and educate themselves. They will be appalled.

We do not have family, and our friends are maxed out financially, too. No Mainers can help, for I know none. I have lived in Vienna for five years, and only one lovely older woman has ever welcomed me to my home.

Aside from worrying about the $82, l had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to the incredible Mount Vernon Food Bank. I received a gorgeous frozen turkey and all the items necessary for a complete meal. The caring that went into my food package far outweighed the taste of a fresh turkey.

I am truly happy for those who can afford the fresh turkey. There was a time I could also. But the crash of 2008, the economy and illness since then have done me in. I have been well off, and I have been poor. I like well off better.

Ann VanderoefVienna

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