“Battle Over Abortion in Texas” (Nov. 25) is not only one-sided, but even fails to mention the flouting of the state’s health and safety standards by many of these abortion facilities.

Whole Woman’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller has been leading the charge against the new pro-life law, while leading a chain of abortion facilities that have been cited dozens of times over the past three years. Citations include rusty suction machines, unsterilized abortion instruments, unqualified staff, and expired and unlabeled medications. Do we finally understand why doctors guilty of the above can’t get hospital privileges?

Would any of us get any kind of a surgical procedure done by a doctor who could not get hospital-admitting privileges? If not, why in the world is it OK for women to be mistreated in this way?

A strong revival of the culture of life is occurring in the last place anyone would expect — Russia and Eastern Europe, which suffered abortion under the communists for so many years. They finally realize the devastation abortion has caused.

So many women have been seriously injured, even killed, by botched abortions, that some states are finally adopting laws to protect them from these so-called doctors.

If, as they claim, 12 abortion facilities will have to close, I say good riddance; at least these 12 will not be injuring any more women. The question is: Why do the feminist groups continue to protect these houses of horror instead of women?

Ron J. Stauble Sr.Unity

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