I can’t believe how mean and rude people are these days, especially as we approach Christmas time.

A friend had picked me up in her car to do a little shopping, and I couldn’t believe how some people acted. My friend stopped her car to let some people in a crosswalk cross the street. After she proceeded again and turned onto another street, a man passed her on the right and started yelling obscenities at her as loud as he could, all because she had stopped to let these people cross the road.

Then, while in one of these local stores, my friend was looking for some aspirin. There was a cart blocking the aisle, which didn’t leave any room for someone coming down the aisle to be able to pass behind her. A man who couldn’t go anywhere became so irate that he started to argue at her, and called her the “B” word, which she didn’t deserve at all.

I have seen quite a few other occasions of rudeness, meanness and disrespect this holiday season, from quite a few people for such small reasons, or no reason at all.

If this grumpiness is coming from the season, then maybe we should start thinking about the real Christmas instead.

It sure doesn’t seem to me to be, as the song goes, “the most wonderful time of the year,” by the way people are acting.

Leonard J. Berg IIIAugusta

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