The newspaper advocates expansion of Medicaid rolls here in Maine. From what I read, Medicaid can’t handle what it already has.

I also wondered how many of the 70,000 folks the paper advocates expansion for are the same folks who have welfare EBT cards and spend cash out of these cards for lottery tickets, strip clubs, liquor stores and gambling.

Let’s face it, welfare throughout our nation, in many folks’ minds, is rife with fraud. One ponders if this health care plan is just another scheme to build another bureaucracy that owes its soul to the company store (federal government). Think of it — a ton of federal agents to enforce this mandate (IRS) and tons of agencies to oversee this huge expansion.

Many critics of the current administration (national) say that Barack Obama wants to make America another European state. (Does he respect America and its founding?) What is so great about the European states? To me, they are crumbling, morally and economically.

Elaine B. GrahamFarmington

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