I want to respond to the article printed in the newspaper on Jan. 28: “Study: Kids’ gun injuries rife.”

All of us are horrified about the death or injury of anyone, be it a child or adult. That being said, the 2009 study of kids injured or killed by guns was obviously slanted so far that it needed to raise a table leaf to keep from falling from one’s peripheral vision. Predictably, the article did not mention the cities or the hospitals from where statistics were drawn. (Chicago and Detroit anyone?) Nor were there statistics about how many of the shootings were gang-related, or caused with stolen and/or illegally owned guns, only that the percentages were higher among blacks and Latino children.

Another unmentioned statistic was about home-related violence to those same children that was not gun related. Were they living at home or with a gang? Did the hospital records show any other injuries for which they were treated? Broken arms, head injuries, etc. To what sort of home life were these poor kids subjected?

Seems as if there’s a funnel with a filter at the bottom when it comes to reporting. No matter what goes in, when comes out it is filtered by someone with an agenda.

Gordon JonesWaterville

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