I believe the Maine Supreme Judicial Court made the wrong decision regarding the transgender child and the Orono elementary school.

First, let me be clear; I hold no ill will toward the child or anyone else in similar circumstances. However, I feel as if someone needs to be the adult in the room and tell the child that he is a boy.

He may feel like a girl, he may dress like a girl, and he may live his life like a girl, but no matter what surgery he has or medications he takes, he will, in fact, always be a boy.

That being said, everyone knows that my rights end where your rights begin. That’s what is wrong with this decision.

According to the five judges in the majority, the boy’s right to use the girls’ room trumps the rights of all the girls who are now required to share a bathroom with a boy. Surely, that was not the intent of the law. And I think the judges know it.

Decisions like these make you wonder if the whole point of law school is to remove any trace of common sense from the student. Anyway, I don’t think we want to go down the path upon which we are being led.

David DicksonWinslow

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