WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center recently hosted its Local Skills Championships. The gold medalist in each competition has qualified to represent MMTC at the State SkillsUSA Championships in Bangor set for March 13 and 14. Students from Waterville Senior High School, Lawrence High School, Winslow High School andMessalonskee High School.

Advertising design: Gold — Jenna Beliveau, of Waterville.

Apple technician: Gold — Aaron Audet, of Lawrence.

Silver — Michael Pratt, of Waterville.

Automotive service technology: Gold — Mitchell Morrison, of Winslow.

Silver — Devan Labrie, of Lawrence.


Bronze — Patrick Gilbert, of Lawrence.

Cabinet making: Gold — Angel Robinson, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Molly Moen, of Lawrence.

Bronze — Jeffrey Joslyn, of Messalonskee.

Carpentry: Gold — Nicholas Labun, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Patrick Mayo, of Winslow.


Bronze — Gordon Call, of Winslow.

Collision refinishing technology: Gold — Julie Steiner, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Tristian Jennings, of Messalonskee.

Bronze — James Goodman, of Lawrence.

Collision repair technology:Gold — Dakoda Cole, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Krista Mairs, of Waterville.


Bronze — Thomas Clark, ofWinslow.

Commercial banking:

Gold — James Rogers, of Waterville.

Silver — Victoria Harvey, of Winslow.

Bronze — Abigail Poulin, of Lawrence.

Computer maintenance technology: Gold — Austin Ayotte, of Winslow.


Silver — Evan Garbati-Stanichuk, of Waterville.

Bronze — Hunter Cormier, of Messalonskee.

Culinary arts: Gold — Keelan DeVogt, of Waterville.

Silver — Rebecca Pelotte of Waterville.

Bronze — Kenedy Petersen, of Messalonskee.

Digital cinema production: Gold — Jodan Hachey and Myles Welsh, of Winslow.


Silver — Jessica McLain, of Lawrence and Monique Sutherland, of Winslow.

Fire fighting: Gold — Nathan Gromek, of Waterville.

Silver — Hannah Allen, of Waterville.

Bronze — Cameron Aucoin, of Waterville.

First aid/CPR: Gold — Heather King, of Lawrence.

Silver — Amanda Cloutier, of Messalonskee.


Bronze — Ellen Walsh, of Waterville.

Job skill demonstration: Gold — Tyler Pooler, of Winslow.

Silver — Shawn Packard, of Winslow.

Bronze — Kacy Boutot, of Winslow.

Medical math: Gold — Morgan Twitchell, of Winslow.

Silver — Kristi Yoos, of Waterville.


Bronze — Abigail Poulin, of Messalonskee.

Medical terminology: Gold — MacKenzie Kochis, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Ashley Sencabaugh, of Waterville.

Bronze — Ashley Jandreau, of Messalonskee.

Nurse assisting: Gold — Kristi Yoos, of Waterville.

Silver — Gabrielle Dow, of Lawrence.


Bronze — Morgan Twitchell, of Winslow.

Photography: Gold — Tabatha Ross, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Rebecca Willett, of Waterville.

Bronze — Joseph Audet, of Winslow.

Precision machining technology: Gold — Zachary Simpson, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Benjamin Misner, of Waterville.


Bronze — William Dutton, of Winslow.

Preschool teaching assistant: Gold — Rajel Hippler, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Denasia Peavey, of Winslow.

Bronze — Elisa-Anne Townsend, of Winslow.

Related technical math: Gold — Tylar Cardillo, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Jacob Archer, of Messalonskee.


Bronze — Sheridan Gustin, of Messalonskee.

Residential wiring: Gold — Sheridan Gustin, of Messalonskee.

Silver — Jacob Gardner, of Temple Academy.

Bronze — Timothy Mathieu, of Winslow.

State pin design: Gold— Keaton Moody, of Lawrence.

State T-shirt design: Gold — Ryan Hinkson, of Messalonskee.


Television/video production: Gold — Monica Thompkins and Aaron Limberger, of Waterville.

Silver — Kyle Gravel, of Winslow and Holly Wentworth, of Messalonskee.

Bronze — Taylor Crawford and Brittany Woodhead, of Messalonskee.

Web design: Gold — Keaton Moody, of Lawrence.

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