David Dickson ( letter, Feb. 7, “Court erred in decision about transgender student”) is a very fortunate man. He had the privilege of being born in a body that matches who he is, a body in which he is comfortable and safe.

Many people in this world, such as Nicole Maines, are not as lucky. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children are born with the wrong genitals; born in the wrong body. It takes immeasurable courage to not only know, “This is wrong. This body is not the body I should have been born with,” but also to stand up against transphobic bigots.

Maines is a strong, gentle, beautiful young woman, who in her short life already has faced more adversity than most adults do in a lifetime. In a world that harasses and murders children because of who they are or who they love, Maines is a beacon of hope for not only transwomen — one of the most oppressed populations within the LGBTQ community — but also transmen and all people in our community, regardless of gender or gender identity or sex.

If Dickson knew anything about Maines other than the fact that she’s transgender, he would know that she has known she is a girl nearly from birth; surely Dickson also knew nearly from birth that he was a boy. He also would know that to Maines’ cisgender friends, she’s just another girl in the bathroom.

As a human being first and a queer person second, I am inspired by Maines. She should be lauded for her bravery, not misgendered. I cannot thank enough our state court system for ruling in favor of humanity and justice, as courts ought to.

Miranda NivusPittston

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