A quick-developing storm is expected to drop a few inches of snow in central Maine Tuesday before the end of the week brings warmer temperatures in what has been an unusually cold month thus far.

The storm could drop 4 to 6 inches of snow in the Augusta and Waterville areas beginning Tuesday afternoon and lasting into the evening, but accumulation is expected to be closer to the lower end of the spectrum, according to National Weather Service meteorologist James Brown.

“Central Maine is under a weather advisory, but there will probably be no storm warning,” he said. “This will probably be more of a coastal storm.”

The storm is preceding a weather system that is bringing warmer air to Maine, Brown said, with temperatures reaching the 40s by Friday and into the weekend. The average temperature in February so far in Waterville has been just over 17 degrees, almost seven degrees colder than last February and about five degrees colder than the 30-year climate average, according to the weather service.

The amount of snow and ice this winter has caused a bevy of problems for local towns, as some municipalities are concerned about sand shortages. The effect that salt on the roadways has on lake pollution has become a concern to the state and others.

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