Those who ignore their history are destined/doomed to repeat it. We’ve probably all lived that axiom at one time or another. It can carry with it serious consequences.

Recently, the governor announced a new initiative in the “war on drugs.” As a result, what we will see, based on the 40-year history of this war, is a waste of money, resources and time.

The war on drugs — doomed from the start — has failed to produce tangible results because, in the long run, drugs are not the problem when it comes to addiction. This may seem contrary to what we see happening around us as a result of addiction.

Addiction, by all the best evidence and research, has its origins, for the most part, in a person’s genes, with the vast majority being predisposed to the disease itself.

Using drugs, whatever the substance may be, comes naturally to us whether we have addiction or not. We do so to re-establish balance in our lives, whatever the imbalance may be. If I have addiction, the imbalance will continue and get worse.

It’s much like diabetes in a sense. The diabetic cannot metabolize sugars in a healthy way. The sugars aren’t the problem, the diabetes is.

Treat the disease for what it is and the results prove themselves. For too long we’ve focused on people or drugs as the problem. It’s time to redirect our energies to viable updated treatment for all concerned.

Robert CreamerHallowell

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