Guttmacher Institute an arm of Planned Parenthood

Your editorial on Feb. 5, “Birth control access, use key in abortion decline,” refers to a Guttmacher Institute study that claims effective birth control has been a major factor in abortion declines. The facts that the Guttmacher Institute was founded by Planned Parenthood and was named after Dr. Alan Guttmacher, past president of Planned Parenthood, was not included.

Of course, the Guttmacher Institute wouldn’t mention the more likely reason for the decrease in numbers of abortions: Nearly 70 percent of these killing centers have closed down. In 1991, there were 2,176 surgical abortion centers in the United States; today there are 584, along with 184 abortion pill centers, according to website a project of Pro-Life Nation.

Guttmacher Institute previously had stated that 60 percent of abortive women in the 1990s were using a contraceptive method at the time they became pregnant.

By far, the most commonly used contraceptive is the pill, which is on the World Health Organization’s Group 1 classification of carcinogenicity (causes cancer). It’s theWHO’s highest classification, which also includes asbestos. The WHO warns that oral contraceptives can increase the risk of breast, cervical and liver cancers.

The American Heart Association warns women that oral contraceptives can increase their risk of high blood pressure, blood clots and stroke, nearly doubling the risk of stroke in women.

Upjohn Co.’s information pamphlet accompanying Depo-provera, an injectable contraceptive, lists dozens of adverse reactions that have been suffered by women who use it, with most of the above reactions included.

These steroid cancer-causing killers are the real war on women, and Barack Obama wants taxpayers to fund this destruction of life and health.

Ron J. Stauble Sr.Unity

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