Non-heterosexual and non-religious people don’t need for me to speak up about Don Roberts’ biased opinions. They have every right to do so themselves.

Roberts, in his column of Feb. 20, writes that Bowdoin College is discriminating against religion. In his opinion, a Christian religious couple ought to have the right to discriminate against non-heterosexuals and non-religious believers while working on the campus as Christian evangelists. Bowdoin asked that the evangelist couple sign a non-discrimination agreement. They refused because that would cause them to violate their Christian beliefs. Signing Bowdoin’s non-discrimination agreement is required by all who have official standing at the college.

Roberts concludes that “discrimination against Christians is proliferating with a silent war on religious freedom being fought in our courts, our schools and in the halls of Congress.”

My question then is: Should one group be allowed to discriminate while another group is denied the right? For example, history will show that Christians have been discriminating against non-believers for thousands of years by imposing their beliefs on non-believers. Who hasn’t heard of the Inquisition?

Roberts has religious, single-vision goggles that limit him from understanding the demographic and geophysical evolution the world and this nation is undergoing. This evolution is destroying religious bigotry and is leaving Roberts and his Christian brotherhood behind. It is time for Roberts and others to understand that one does not choose one’s genetic makeup disposing them to be heterosexual or non-heterosexual. He and others also need to understand that there are non-believers, those he calls secular, who do not accept religious teachings based on blind faith alone. Their research leads them to different conclusions, ones that conflict with Christian beliefs.

Jim ChiddixWaterville

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