FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College has announced its 2013 fall semester dean’s list.

Kyle R. Keenan, Anthony H. Meader, Deanna Sawtelle and Spencer B. Shores, all of Albion; Kayla D. Jordan, of Anson; Scott R. Mercier, of Athens; Thomas J. Marston, of Auburn; Richard A. Bailey, Kristina J. Colby, Keith J. Coulombe, Molly M. Daniel, Dakotah F. Davis, Kathleen M. Downs, Alyssa J. Dufour, Ricky V. Hughes, Crystal D. Mangin, Jennifer M. Morris, Jillian Savage and Maxwell J. Tibbert, all of Augusta.

Michael K. Day and Katelyn R. Peakall, both of Bangor; Hong Liu, of Bar Harbor; Jessica L. Clark, of Belfast; Jonathan J. Grant, Holly D. Gurney, Darlene A. Herbert, Vincent W. Klimowicz, Taylor V. Lewis, Mark A. McAfee, Samantha J. Michaud, Christopher D. Trembly, Jessica L. Veilleux and Lisa L. Webber, all of Belgrade.

Allison A. Colson, Scott D. Dearborn, Katie M. Goodwin, Vicky M. Morris, William R. O’Connell, Megan A. Oliver and Alan D. Sanborn, all of Benton; Patrick H. Flannery, Megan A. McCollor and Shannon D. Rich, all of Bingham; Courtney M. Grant, of Bradford; Gregory G. Middleton, of Brewer.

Keegan M. O’Neal and Jessica L. Lundquist, both of Bucksport; Jason D. Robinson, of Burnham; Nicole A. Curtis, Shannon L. Donovan, Cecilee M. Galhardo, Melissa K. Mitchell, Kelly A. Sullivan and Hillary S. Sumner, both of Canaan; Alissa E. Dunn, of Carrabassett Valley; Dawn M. Baker and Nicole E. Ramage, both of Chelsea; Michelle L. Sawyer, of Chesterville.

Rachel G. Krummel and Daniell Foster, both of China Village; Thomas E. Caffyn, Rachel L. Frye, Ricky J. Murray and Michelle L. Welch, both of Clinton; Sarrah I. Simpson and Cory D. Willey, both of Corinna; Matthew D. Pagliaro, of Cornville; Matthew J. Breslin and Cameron S. Michaud, both of Detroit; Phillip B. Mann, Kimberly L. Polichak and Kjersten E. Spack, all of Dexter.


Gillian M. Snow, of Dixmont; Shawn G. Hanners and Heather D. Willey, both of Dover-Foxcroft; Hillary F. Chase, of Embden; Anne-Marie Dean, of Etna; Matthew W. Cleaves, Rachel L. Dostie, Ashley N. Doyen, David P. Garceau, Selina A. Grivois, Jeffrey W. Mosimann, Gregory E. Perry, Brandy A. Ross, Lori D. Smith, Keith M. Sullivan, Emmalee C. Swift, Kate P. Violette-Reben, Andrew N. Webber, Lisa R. Wood and Cynthia Yeung, all of Fairfield; Goun Bak and Chelsea L. Green, both of Farmingdale; Jamie E. Collins, Amanda D. Roy and Shawn P. Shaunesey, all of Farmington; Sunshine R. Perlis and Jenny J. White, both of Fayette; Amy L. Grinnell, Callista J. Merrill and Amber A. Woodcock, all of Gardiner.

Jillian E. Martell, Erik E. Robinson; Damien K. Goggin, and Daniel W. Malloy, all of Hallowell; Casey E. Nickerson, of Harmony; Priscilla M. Chambers, Mei Wa Li and Jessica M. Smith, all of Hartland; Alexander D. Jones, of Henderson, NC; Jessica L. Wood, of Hermon; Tia M. Knowlton-Basford, of Hinckley; Miranda L. Smith, of Kingfield.

Nyia P. Chituck, of Knox; Steven R. Savoie, of Leeds; Ambre L. Mosher and Dawn R. Plourde, of Levant; Richard D. Cleaves and Mercedes R. Reynolds, both of Liberty; Sutton J. Crosby, of Lincoln; Jonathan R. Averill, of Litchfield; Cassidy L. Davis, Timothy A. McDonald, Brecken R. Newton, JaNeal Peck, Rebekah J. Powell, Jody L. Rose and Georg A. Syphers, all of Madison.

Tabitha R. Huntoon, of Madrid Twp.; Amanda B. Kranich and Olivia A. Ouellette, both of Millinocket; Donna L. Hogan, Seth L. Malloy and Penny L. Spencer, all of Moscow; Rachyl E. Clement, of New Sharon; Katina G. Holland and Jason D. Metivier, both of Newport; Dustin J. Aldrich, Tori L. Bloom, Joseph T. Chase, Alphonso A. Dixon, Kerri A. Everett, Andrea D. Keith, Stephanie A. Little, Katherine G. Qualey, Brad D. Warren, and Pamela J. White-Weston, all of Norridgewock.

Abbie E. Barker, Desireah A. Ladd and Brittany M. Nile, all of North Anson, Jessica L. Breton, North Zachery F. Gushing, Amanda L. Richards and John M. Savoy, all of North Vassalboro; Katherine L. Myrick, of North Yarmouth; Jordan T. Bailey, Melissa F. Bardsley, Daniel A. Cahoon, Taylor L. Creasy, Michael W. George, Brett S. Giguere, Cory S. LaPlante, Stephen A. Michaud, Emily E. Sears, Kathy-Jo Stone, Kelly L. Tracy and Jami J. White, all of Oakland.

Caleb Frati, Micki L. Mitchell and Carrie E. Preble, all of Palmyra; Cody A. Briggs, of Parkman; Jennifer A. Mitchell, Phillip A. Robb and Tracie A. Tooker, all of Phillips; Carrie M. Armiger, Amanda N. Collamore, Riah L. Harris, Lee J. Nolan, Stephen D. Watrous and Natalia Zuk, all of Pittsfield; Kristina M. LaChance and Erica J. Moody, both of Pittston; Darcey R. Fraser, of Plymouth.


Sheryl Harriman, of Prospect; Nichole L. Mucciarone, of Ripley; Keri Shirey, of Rockland; Kathleen N. Lemelin, of Rome; Sherri L. Bright, Brittnay L. Curtis and Monica L. Whitman, of Sabattus; Gregory M. Gagnon, of Shawmut; Stacie L. Battles, Matthew G. Carter, Kyle J. Gleason, Renee L. Nelson and Amber L. Rountree, all of Sidney.

Jacob P. Benner, Gwynne Berry, Gerald L. Bussell, Lauren P. Duguay, Christine E. Gettig, Heather G. Hardesty, Lindsey M. Madore, Matthew J. Morin, Robin Robinson Garland, Ian D. Shalit, Benjamin Sukeforth and Tasha L. York, all of Skowhegan; Crystal R. Grunder, Randall C. Hines and Cari A. Roderick, all of Solon; Alton R. Hawk, South China, Melina T. Leland, Darcie M. Reed and Donna S. Wenk, all of South China.

Chelsea L. Nye, of South Portland, Matthew S. Fowle, of St. Albans, KayLee G. Ashland and Tiffany M. Bellefleur, both of Starks; Karyn J. Carlin, Surry, Doreen L. Berry, Raelynn M. Bucklin-Beem, Heather D. Reid and Meagan E. Valles, all of Thorndike; Zachary R. McLellan, of Trevitt; Jeannie L. Emmert, Elise A. Quimby and Stephanie A. Wooley, of Troy.

Jennifer Hanson, and Carrie S. Valentine, both of Turner; Raymond E. Miller, of Union; Carrie A. Corbeau, Ari A. LeBreton, Matthew M. Libby, Jeremy L. Ludden, Jessica R. Roberts, Trevor A. Russell and Alyssa M. Willette, all of Unity; Donald J. Camp, Angelina T. Cayouette, Benjamin P. Dube, Cynthia L. Harris, Janet L. Johnson, Jennifer L. Merrow, Ericka L. Roy and Nikki A. Smiley, all of Vassalboro.

Scott E. Bonnell, of Waldoboro; Heather A. Anderson, of Warren; Jeffrey N. Brenner, Aislinn M. Byrne, John W. Carpenter, Marissa A. Clark, Ira E. Eads, Gerald R. Grams, Cory A. Harpell, Vanessa S. Harrison, Stephanie R. Hawkins, Michelle L. Jarvis, Christina H. Juarez, Robert W. Karns, Christopher M. Leppert, Stacy L. Loder, Devon J. Mehuren, Cynthia S. Moxcey, Felisia A. Pooler, Sara A. Pullen, Felicia R. Ross, Elizabeth A. Roy, Elisabeth A. Small, Maryann E. Stevens and Caleb R. Young, all of Waterville.

Kevin M. Conley, of Wayne; Patience L. McKeen, of Webster Plantation; Candise A. Colfer, Ryan A. Quatrano and Samantha A. Stuart, all of West Gardiner; Jennifer J. Smith, of West Rockport; Roxann M. Berry, Ruby D. Merrill and Darlene S. Newcombe, all of Whitefield; Kristen M. Brown and Zachary P. Parker, of Wilton.

Mary J. Gould, Nickolas R. Hall, Angela L. Hanke and Stephanie J. Joslyn, all of Windsor; Joseph M. Bard, Roger J. Barrett, Darren W. Chambers, Rachael M. Desrosiers, Ivan S. Fletcher, Michelle A. Franzose, Michelle H. Gerry, Heather M. Gilbert, Jennifer A. Koenig, Kristin G. Mank, Jennifer J. Murray, Ashleigh R. Overlock, Roxxie M. Ripley, Suneva M. Ware, Denise M. Whitman, Patricia E. Wilson and Caleb J. Wrigley, all of Winslow; Tara E. McKenney, Gloria J. Norwood and Samantha J. Wenzel, all of Winthrop; and Suzanne C. Grover, of Wiscasset.

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