BENTON — Benton Town Selectmen will hold a public hearing beginning at 6 p.m. Monday, March 10, at the Town Office, 1279 Clinton Ave. Public comments on the designation of the proposed Albion Road Substation Municipal Development and Tax Increment Financing District Development Program (the District) pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 206 of Title 30-A of the Maine Revised Statutes, as amended, will be heard. The proposed municipal development and tax increment financing district consists of approximately 51.53 acres of property located at Albion Road Map 349 Lot ON, 200 Neck Road Map 02 Lot 24, 0 Booker Avenue Map 01 Lot 03A, 7 Crummet Street Map 14 Lot 20, 27 Brimstone Hill Road Map 20 Lot 08, 29 Brimstone Hill Road Map 20 Lot 08-01, 24 Brimstone Hill Road Map 20-06, 15 Brimstone Hill Rd. Map 20 Lot 11A, Alewife Road Map 02 Lot 02-01, 0 Andrea Avenue Map 12 Lot 02B, 1279 Clinton Avenue Map 21 Lot 09, 0 Falls Road Map 20 Lot 18, 1180 Clinton Avenue Map 20 Lot 02. A copy of the proposed development program for the District is on file with the Benton Town Clerk. All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing and will be given an opportunity to be heard at that time.

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