As mayor of Gardiner, I am writing to express my apprecation to Rep. Gay Grant, D-Gardiner, for her strong support of revenue sharing.

Earlier this month, Grant voted to support L.D. 1762 to prevent an additional $40 million cut to revenue sharing. L.D. 1762 will preserve $263,000 in revenue sharing for the city of Gardiner. Grant, along with a bipartisan group of state representatives and senators, recognized that without revenue sharing, municipalities throughout Maine would find themselves in even more perilous fiscal situations. Without this partial restoration of revenue sharing, there is no doubt that property taxes in Gardiner and elsewhere would have gone up and needed services would have gone down.

We thank Grant for her steadfast commitment to revenue sharing and to the residents of the city of Gardiner.

Thom Harnett, mayorCity of Gardiner

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