On Feb. 12, the Department of Environmental Protection held a meeting in Bingham regarding First Wind’s proposed 62-turbine project, the largest such project ever planned in Maine.

From past experience and again proven that night, if a person cannot offer some technical, expert-promoted testimony, then that person’s opinions will have no effect on DEP’s decision.

On Feb. 14, a bill (L.D. 1750) was introduced in the Legislature that would require DEP to exclude the public’s opinions if not expert-certified. For the sake of so-called efficiency, the little issue of democracy must end in the trash.

The ship’s going down. At some point, we need to decide whether, through our inaction, we go down with it. We should instead grab a life preserver and make sure our representatives and senators don’t support L.D. 1750.

Michael VernonBrighton Plantation

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