Listening to the news recently I heard the story about the anti-gay bill in Arizona. From what I gathered, the bill would have permitted people to refuse to serve gays based on their religious beliefs.

I am no theologian, but I believe that we are instructed to be nonjudgmental and to live our own lives as an example for others to see. If I judge another person’s lifestyle and protest that lifestyle, then what have I become? Biblical principles should be a guiding light, not a set-in-stone rule for how to be a citizen of this country.

Our forefathers wanted this nation to be a place where people could be free to express their lives without fear of reprisals. We have gotten so politically correct trying to protect what was already protected that freedom to express beliefs are now being punished or outlawed. We cater to the minorities and repress the majority when all should be equal. Lives are changed by example, so we should think about the example we set.

Ed WheatonPittston

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