This letter is to alert the people of Maine about L.D. 1739, a proposal concerning our state’s medical marijuana program that undermines the intent and will of the voters.

Maine Vocals warned people about this in 2009, during the petitioning effort that put the current law in place. Now, unless this new effort is stopped, the police and federal and state drug enforcement agencies will be part of the medical marijuana law for inspections of people’s grow operations. This violates our Fourth Amendment rights and allow police entry without probable cause or warrants. This action is unacceptable and won’t work, for those now on the list of registered caregivers as well as most residents of Maine.

We need a constitutional amendment that protects the Legislature from changing the citizens’ initiative. The only way the law should be changed is to bring it back before the voters. This would ensure the voters get what they voted for, not Legislature’s version.

Everyone who wants this law to work and progress for the people should to contact their legislators before the workshop, scheduled for 1 p.m. Tuesday. Let them know we are paying attention and are concerned.

Maine should be moving toward ending prohibition totally, not backwards to more oppression and discrimination. The state’s motto says Maine should be leading; now we are going to be following Colorado and Washington.

Don ChristenStarks

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