Finally, in these hard times, we have someone who has no bigger problem then putting down man’s best friend (letter, “Nation is going to the dogs, literally,” Gloria Harriman, Feb. 26).

Harriman rants on and on about a dog kissing his friend and trainer. I fail to see how being kind to an animal lowers humanity. To the contrary, I believe it elevates us to look out for and love a wonderful creature like the dog.

There is no other creature or earth — human or animal — that personifies forgiveness like the dog. If a dog’s owner is cruel to him and beats him, the dog still will forgive him and love him as if his owner were kind to him. If that isn’t showing kindness to humans, I don’t know what is.

Harriman also rails against the clothes and accessories that people buy their dogs and sending their beloved dog off in their choice of funeral. A dog that has been faithful and loving to you for its entire life deserves a farewell befitting their companionship. Indeed, some dogs deserve a better sendoff than some humans.

Harriman should do herself a favor, get a dog and let him kiss her. She sounds like she could use the affection.

Austin and Marti Brann, Vassalboro

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