Saturday’s Town Meeting results.


Residents approved a $297,647 budget, a 4 percent increase from the current budget of $285,108. The increase will be funded largely by surplus, while the increase in the amount of taxes to be raised is less than $3,000.


$47,382 for salaries of town officers; $24,000 for waste disposal and recycling; $19,259 for public safety including fire protection provided by the town of Norridgewock; $85,000 for summer road maintenance; $132,000 for winter road maintenance.



Proposed sale of the former town office and Shaw Library.

Town elections

Incumbent first selectman Vern Worthen was re-elected to a three-year term with 37 votes; second selectman Christopher Tibbetts was re-elected with 37 votes; third selectman Robert Gardner was re-elected with 39 votes. Yolanda Violette was elected to town clerk with 31 votes, treasurer with 32 votes, tax collector with 32 votes. Write-in candidates Chris Beeuwkes was elected to the Shaw Library Board of Trustees and Joan Nunnally to the planning board.

Other action

Residents elected to raise the amount of money the town put into its emergency road maintenance fund this year from the selectmen-recommended $2,000 to $5,000.

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