Gloria Harriman (letter, “Nation is going to the dogs, literally,” Feb. 26) obviously sound like someone who should not be allowed to have pets.

So what if people want to spend their money on clothes for their dogs? Dogs also get cold in the winter. I agree that buying them costumes may be a little much, but if they can afford it and like to do it, why not?

Dogs are more faithful and loving than most people I know. Their love is unconditional whether their owner kicks them, tortures them, leaves them out in the cold or makes them go hungry. They are like babies that depend on their owner for their survival and would die for that owner if there was ever a reason for it.

I certainly hope that Harriman does not own a dog, if she think they are “gross.” If people were half as caring as dogs, the world would be a much better place.

Joyce BarnesWest Gardiner

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