Disturbingly shortsighted is Feb. 27’s front page article, “Supporters champion band, Latin in school,” that the Augusta School Board is considering cutting Latin classes, along with part of the band program, from its budget.

Many of us needed to take a Latin class in order to finally understand English grammar.

Today, more than ever, courses in other languages, along with the dynamics of communication, are needed in our primary and secondary school curricula. It is this subtle arrogance that already is causing so many social problems. Too many already are not paying enough attention to communication issues and processes. English is not the only language that matters.

These are times when we text too much, but think so seldom. We seem to lack the courage to fund what is important, more interesting and really matters.

Millions of students have discovered more beauty in their lives because they learned in school how to play a musical instrument, along with those other disciplines involved through marching as a band and concert performances.

Shortsightedness is quickly becoming a malignancy that in time really is going to cost our society excessively.

Lawrence E. MerckensManchester

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