It’s hard to believe our government can’t figure out why there are so many problems related to opiates. Their solutions revolve around spending more money, finding ways to profit off the people and control them through government-run programs.

Drug companies and insurance companies have reported record-breaking profits, which the government allows. They are all to blame for the opiate addiction and the related crime, robberies, failing functionality of society, babies born with addiction, depression and domestic violence. They are creating a mass of dependent people stuck in government-controlled programs.

These people should sue the drug companies and Food and Drug Administration, just like the tobacco companies were sued. These profit-making companies should pay for the costs related to opiate addiction, since they’re all about the money, not the people.

We need to stop the madness, use common sense and get rid of the cause.

These drugs should be used only in acute care medical facilities and not be sent home with patients. Take these drugs out of the pharmacies and out of the hands of the general public. We’ve managed without them before. If the drugs aren’t at homes and at pharmacies, they won’t be robbed.

Drug companies profit from the initial prescription right on through to the drugs they recommend to treat the addiction. It’s a vicious cycle of greed among the government, the drug companies and insurance companies, and all at the expense of people’s lives.

Long-term effects of these drugs can destroy a person mentally and physically, ruining the livers, hearts and other organs too.

They know these drugs cause other problems and symptoms. This way they can prescribe yet another drug to make even more money. Make those “legal” drug dealers pay.

Kelly DanglerClinton

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