I refer to Tom Ohlund’s letter, “Thoughts about hospital location, assault weapons” published in the newspaper on Feb. 27.

It is too bad Ohlund did not do his homework before submitting an opinion that is without foundation and full of misstatements. He supports the idea that we should all be taken care of by the government. Where is his American spirit?

This country was not built by the government, but by the citizens of what was a great country.

Ohlund may want to rethink his opinion about the Second Amendment, and I suggest some serious study of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to fully understand what he is willing to give away before he becomes a subject in a country that was/is occupied by citizens who have a say in what our government can and cannot do.

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary…” is a reference to all able-bodied citizens, not the military services.

Richard BessonShawmut

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