If incompetence were an Olympic event, President Barack Obama would win the gold, across the board and in every category. This Harvard Law School-educated organizer has set a new standard in how to mess things up.

If there is a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, just stand back and let Barack be Barack. From the South China Sea to the finest health care system in the world, calamity follows in the wake of this clueless left-winger whose primary skill is standing in front of a teleprompter telling one lie after another.

Does Obama really care about the plight of the American people? Ask former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, or the 5.6 million innocent Americans who have been kicked off their health insurance plans. The United States has a problem, for sure.

It’s the “ends justify the means” philosophy of progressive liberals like Obama, who know what’s better for us than we do, and think nothing of using the coercive power of the state to force us into submission. Vote these liberals out; it’s our only chance to take our country back.

Larry CarrierSabattus

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