Metallic mining operations pose a major threat to Maine’s rivers, lakes and groundwater. Mining for metals in sulfide rock deposits creates sulfuric acid and toxic runoff called acid mine drainage, which is nearly impossible to control and can devastate water quality and kill aquatic life. We can’t let that happen. Our clean water is priceless!

Maine is home to 95 percent of the native brook trout population (a national treasure) in the United States, and metallic mining is a serious threat to their survival.

Maine’s natural resources are far more valuable to the people of Maine and future generations than any minerals beneath the mountains. Maine has an incredible natural environment within a day’s driving distance of the entire Northeast. It’s our duty to protect Maine’s environment.

Maine can and should provide incentives to create economic growth in the rural counties. Outdoor recreation, tourism, year-round farming and related jobs are far more beneficial and healthier than any jobs created by mining. Let’s work together for sustainable economic growth.

Maine residents should voice their opinion to their legislators. Tell them to kill L.D. 1772. The proposed mining rules will not protect our environment. Let’s save Maine from the destructive practice of metallic mining.

Dave WoodHallowell

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