I am a state taxpayer with a son in college, and I am currently going through a rough time.

I have not applied for MaineCare, food stamps or TANF for my family because I feel other people in the state of Maine need it more than I do. I also believe, however, that many people abuse the system and think that it is a way of life, which prevents the people who need it from getting it.

A few weekends ago, I ran a conference at Hollywood Slots casino. A man at the blackjack table was bragging about how he used his EBT card to get $500 out of the ATM to play. He lost it all.

I am a hard-working individual and it blew me away to watch my tax money be gambled away at a blackjack table.

Whatever happened to paper food stamps that a person could use only in grocery stores? As a taxpayer in the state of Maine, I feel that welfare needs to be reformed and only given to the people who are in desperate need and for a limited amount of time, just like unemployment.

The Legislature should stop fighting what Gov. Paul LePage is trying to do and start agreeing. We the people of the state of Maine elected them and they work for us. It is time they start understanding that.

Rachel Soucy Augusta

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