The single greatest legislation this country could do for our economy would be to increase the minimum wage beyond $10 per hour. Low-scale workers have been deprived for three decades now. The federal government, along with its business cronies, has contaminate the pool of far-sighted thinkers.

It is obvious that the greater the number of consumers who can afford to buy goods and services the greater will be the health of an economy. Currently, the upper crust controls too much of the wealth and as a group cannot consume enough. History tells us also that “trickle-down economics” has never worked and never will.

Business owners will have to, at some point, soon live with a smaller margin of profit, which enhances retail prices downward.

Also, everyone is aware that companies have far, far too much welfare from state and federal government. All was purchased over decades by highly paid lobbyists and campaign dollars donated by billionaires. Further, we all realize that this Supreme Court made things far worse by declaring corporations have the same rights as individuals.

Maine legislators followed the idea of reform by destroying what was our landmark “clean elections” law. It’s the only defense against unimagined funds likely influencing elections.

America’s prosperity will never by what was envisioned for the disadvantaged by President Johnson more than 50 years ago. Also, without enacting proposals suggested early in the recession by Barack Obama, failure is likely. Most respected economists agree that correctly timed spending rather than European-like austerity, is key to a full recovery.

The feds, as well as Maine, must have a “clean elections” law or equivalent and maximize the minimum wage and index it to the inflation rate. The disadvantages have been tormented long enough.

Paul O. SylvainWaterville

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