I am afraid the proposed new mining rules for Maine will end “The Way Life Should Be” for Maine residents and visitors.

I’ve been reading how dangerous this practice of metallic mining is to the environment, and after reading the new rules, I wonder if the Department of Environmental Protection is being influenced by corporate lobbyists and not by the overwhelming opposition of Maine citizens. In the past, I have trusted the Maine DEP to protect our environment against this type of dangerous industrial practice, but under this administration, it seems to have lost its way.

Maine’s natural resources are a treasure, and we should use them to attract businesses that will respect nature and our clean environment.

Talk to your neighbors and friends and ask them to call their legislators and tell them to just say no to mining in Maine. Lawmakers should reject L.D. 1772.

I want Maine to continue to be “The Way Life Should Be.”

Maggie WarrenHallowell

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