Our son recently had a serious surgery at MaineGeneral Medical Center. My wife and I were at the hospital every day, and the surgeon, nurses and overall care were excellent.

The “Taj Mahal” as Pat Truman called it recent (letter, “Thayer renovations hopefully more prudent than MaineGeneral,” March 12) is a first-rate hospital with an experienced and caring staff. Every part of the MaineGeneral I visited was full of natural light and surroundings created to enhance the healing and overall well-being of the patients.

Fresh air, sunlight and easy navigation are what one finds when visiting MaineGeneral. Truman admits it was morally right to give the hospital money but that those involved were not “good stewards.”

A good steward is someone who puts patients’ needs first and that is what MaineGeneral has done. Large single rooms, up-to-date technology and patient-friendly design are where the money has been spent.

Our son received outstanding care. A hospital is a special building where life-saving surgeries and general patient care should be carried out in a positive environment. Truman states “may the decisions and renovations at Thayer Hospital be more prudent.” Hopefully, like at MaineGeneral, they will meet the needs of the patients as well.

Peter BethanisReadfield

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