According to an article in the March 12 newspaper, “LePage proposes tax-cut referendum for June,” Gov. Paul LePage proposes to put a bill before Maine voters to reduce state taxes and lower state spending by $100 million.

Why wouldn’t anyone vote to have their tax burden lessened? What the governor fails to address is how the needs of the state of Maine will be met if this is approved. The current budget is already underfunded with education, municipalities and those individuals who are mentally or physically challenged being short-changed every year.

Voter-approved bonds for needed projects, especially in transportation and roads, are held hostage, creating a de facto shortfall for the Department of Transportation and local entities to keep roads repaired.

Our governor, in the same newspaper edition, proposes to increase the fight against drugs to the tune of more than $2 million. While I don’t disagree with the need, where is the financing coming from? What about the costs of dealing with the problems within the state agency overseeing our mental health needs (Riverview) and those with the state prison facilities and county jail system? This is not realistic — more an election-year ploy.

Pat ClarkPalermo

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