An article, “Legislative committee rejects Maine mining rules,” on Feb. 25 noted:

“The metal there could be worth as much as $7 billion, according to John S. Cummings, a geologist from Texas who discovered deposits there in the 1970s.”

I am pleased the article credited me with the discovery. Most of my career was spent bringing Maine’s metal-resources sector out of the dark ages, and the references on such are lengthy.

I exited Maine in 1998 as a result of the 1991 rules on metal mining. I am pleased to be a resident of Texas now, but that does not define me. I grew up in Auburn and lived for 35 years in Bangor, where my wife and I raised our children.

I am painfully aware that in the two years since the revival of the Bald Mountain matter, the Martin-Irving complex has scrupulously avoided mentioning my name to the media.

John S. CummingsGrand Prairie, Texas