I see many things, good and bad, since I living in elderly housing in Madison, corner of Main Street and Madison Avenue.

One bad thing is when I watch the plowman clean the parking lot of the old Methodist church next door. It never fails, when we get a big storm, he always fills in the sidewalk after Madison Public Works crew has done such a good job of clearing it so we can get out for some fresh air and exercise on nice days.

This situation has continued, even after several calls from our office to the owner of the old church. I recently called the Madison Police Department, thinking possibly if they spoke to the owner of the old church, they might solve this problem, so we don’t have to walk in the street.

When my call was returned, the officer informed me curtly that there was a lot of snow everywhere and he wasn’t coming down and shoveling it out of the sidewalk. My reply: “I did not expect you to.”

So much for the safety of walking on the sidewalks. So I guess we just stay inside until spring or summer when it’s safe to walk on the sidewalk. I sure do miss Officer Wade Walker, who did a great job of cleaning up Madison Avenue last summer of the young people who were on the street all night destroying people’s property. He really cared about the safety of the citizens of Madison.

Mavis GallagherMadison

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