With our culture’s modern needs, we need to look at all our resources within reach. We live in a state with more than 400,000 acres of public land, and some so-called environmentalists don’t wish to let the land managers manage the land.

If the environment is all that is around us that would include us humans and our needs. If our governor wishes to use funds from a renewable resource to aid Mainers get better heating systems that would be good for all of us and the environment.

Another idea would be to sell off public lands to the private sector and have the land provide an added tax base the state. While public perception may be molded by the media, modern equipment and harvest techniques are shaping our future forests every day.

For the Mainers who don’t hike, hunt or otherwise enter our public land, having a heating upgrade with funds from public land may be the only ties they have with land. Having a warmer home next winter is worth everyone’s attention.

Tim BashamSouth China

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