Recently, you published a letter commenting on the writings of J.P. Devine, and that was very nice, his writings are enjoyable.

Devine’s columns remind me somewhat of Antonio Vivaldi, sometimes called the Red Headed Priest. He was a composer of numerous concertos, the most famous of which comprise “The Four Seasons.” I am sure that “Spring” was preformed on every classical music station on March 20.

A sameness, however, could be found in all of the 400 concertos Vivaldi was supposed to have written. Beverly Sills once said she thought Vivaldi wrote the same concerto 400 times.

I feel the same way about Devine’s columns: They are different, but they always seem to say the same thing — about his past, his wife, his relationship with the church, etc., etc.

I read them from time to time, however, and they are entertaining.

Tom Brazier Waterville

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