Fearmongers cry about global warming, climate change or whatever they prefer to call it, but, if it’s so very bad, why then does Al Gore, (and all the others of his ilk) still fly on private jets, ride in limos and own properties that use large amounts of electricity, oil and natural gas to maintain.

I think it is a hypocrisy that only they are allowed to do as they please and yet place the onus and burdens on us.

For a start, why do we never hear them explain the reason for the Little Ice Age that occurred after the Medieval Climate Optimum or explain why “uniformitarianism” (the assumption that the same natural laws and processes that operate in the universe now have always operated in the past and apply everywhere in the universe) could not possibly be a viable answer. All they ever do is cry foul, deny all other hypotheses that are not in line with theirs and blame us.

Yes, I agree that the human species does not help matters, but to blame everything on us is just outright naive. They want us to have to buy carbon credits, pay higher costs in food because they require corn to be turned into fuel, etc.?

Now, which is more important, putting food on the table, a roof over our heads or spending our money on carbon credits? What about U.S. senators taking “free” submarine rides to the arctic on our dime so they can post “selfies”?

What in the world ever became of common sense in our society? Whatever became of real science, where all ideas are considered? We are now living in an Inquisition-type society again. Sad, so very sad.

Mark A. HudsonWinslow

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